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”Wa(和)” is an important part of Japanese culture. The character is used in many japanese words and phrases. One of the many meanings of “Wa” is “Nagomi(和 み)”, to relax and be free of stress. We hope we can live up to our name by way of providing you with the best hospitality and Nagomi. In Japan, there are lots of hidden Nagomi, and we will try our best to find these for you. We take the utmost pride and enjoyment in helping you make your stay in Osaka wonderful and memorable. Please feel free to ask our friendly and enthusiastic staff about the many tours of Osaka and any other information. Let us enrich your stay, its what we live for. We are always awaiting your stay at FUKU HOSTEL-和-.


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Room Information

-Dormitories tailored for maximum relaxation during your trip. Please choose a from our selection of rooms.-

Regular Dormitory

“A new dormitory experience”

We refuse to compromise with your relaxation. Furnished with quality mattresses and hand built with fragrant wood, we hope the reminiscent scent will help release stress from your travels. Each private dormitory is equipped with lighting, power outlets and a space for your things.

Mix dormitory ¥2000/night

”The price may change depends on season”

“Safe and comfortable dormitories, a space for women”

We have a separate space just for women to protect your privacy. Many women travel alone, and it is very important to us that you feel safe during your stay. We hope that you can sleep well, worry-free in our beautiful dormitories, all equipped with its own lighting, power outlets and a space for your things.

Female dormitory ¥2000 /night

”The price may change depends on season”

Female Dormitory
Deluxe Dormitory

“For the guests who wish to stay longer”

We would like to offer a larger deluxe bunk bed at our dormitory room for the guests who are staying long with us. We designed the deluxe bed with semi-double size. The larger bed will make you stress free and deep relaxation during your stay. If you would like to stay for 2people, you are also welcome.

Deluxe mix dormitory

Deluxe female dormitory

”The price may change depends on season”

“A taste of classic Japanese living”

Our classic Japanese style room for 1 or 2 with real tatami mats and a beautiful city view, contrasting and complimenting the style of our traditional room splendidly.

Japanese mix dormitory

Japanese female dormitory

”The price may change depends on season”

Japanese mix domitory/female dormitory


Modern-WA(和), a reincarnation of NAGOMI

“Modern-WA(和), a reincarnation of NAGOMI”

We have designed our common area, with a great view overlooking the Namba area, in a fashionable and relaxing Modern-Japanese style. Furnished with fine Japanese ceramics and a beautiful Japanese fireplace in the center, we hope you can enjoy the Nagomi. It is all tailored to make your stay as authentic and memorable as we can. Please relax and enjoy your stay.

“A beautiful living room full of conversation”

We are a hostel, after all. One of the best things about hostels are the small communities and many relationships built at the commonplace. We hope sharing stories and memories of your travels will enrich your stay and the stays of others. The kitchen and TV is for everyone to use freely, and the Horigotatsu(buried heated table) is a Japanese family

A beautiful living room full of conversation
A food experience for during your stay

“A food experience for during your stay”

In our shared kitchen, our guests are free to use the refrigerator, microwave and cook as you please. The famous Kuro-mon fish market is very close and packed with fresh and local fish, meat and produce.

“Before you leave”

Our roomy showers and washbasins are divided into male and female sections. The public showers and washbasins are equipped with power outlets and hair dryers.




Ear plug ¥0
Body sponge ¥100
Tooth brush ¥100



Hair dryer Free
Towel ¥100
Converter Free
Rental cycle ¥800
Steam iron Free



Two-in-one shampoo Free
Body Wash Free
Washing machine ¥200/1load
Dryer ¥100/30~40min
Small safety locker Free
Deposit 500 yen /
Pay back when you return the key



Front 8:00am-11:30pm

Check In 3:00pm-11:00pm

Check Out 11:00am


Mix dormitory ¥2000/night
Female dormitory ¥2000/night

Deluxe mix dormitory (1person)¥2200/night (2people)¥2900/night
Deluxe female dormitory (1person)¥2200/night (2people)¥2900/night

Japanese mix dormitory (1person) ¥3000/night (2person) ¥3800/night
Japanese female dormitory (1person) ¥3000/night (2person) ¥3800/night

”The price may change depends on season”
(Accepts Credit Card)

Cancellation Policy:
We will charge full amount of the accommodation fee, If we were canceled or changed reservation before 3 days in Japanese time ( not including the check-in date).
※After check-in is not refundable
If you are not coming on your check-in date without contact us,
Your reservation will automatically be cancelled and the room is not be secured even your are staying for two nights or more. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Bathroom, showeroom, washroom and kitchen are shared by guests
  • After 10pm, please be quiet as some guests are sleeping
  • Please wash your own dishes.
  • Non-smoking inside hostel.
  • Please check-in by 12am. There will be no refund even if you check in later than 12am.
  • Any responsibility of theft or lost property will not be assumed. Please take care of personal belongings. (Safety box is available.)
  • We are afraid that children younger than 13 years old cannot stay in our hostel.
  • We can hold your luggage before checking in.
  • The latest check out time is 11:00am.
  • Checking out later than 11 am will be charged with 1500 yen of overdue fee.

*Please strictly adhere to these above rules as any violation of these rules will not be tolerated.


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